For my entire adult life, I have been a “wantrepreneur.” That’s a person who wants to be an entrepreneur. I will constantly look for a problem to solve, try to concoct a solution for the problem, and debate about if there’s any way to cash in on said solution.

The thing is, I’m tired of doing this. It’s exhausting. I spend many nights trying to fall asleep but I have too many racing thoughts about all these problems and all these solutions. Many times, this results in an idea that I know won’t work out in the long run. And so, another project gets abandoned and I become slightly more depressed from another failed project.

It’s a dangerous spiral and it’s one that I’ve been in, like I said before, for my entire adult life.

In order to escape this, I need a project where I’m not focused on the monetization potential. I need a project that satisfies my itch for both a creative challenge as well as a technical challenge. This is where this blog comes into play.

But let me be clear: this is not a side hustle.

Blogging to blog. Not Blogging for Business.

Almost every guide about blogging talks about finding your niche and developing your personal brand. This leads to better search engine optimization which leads to more views which ultimately leads to monetization. Every guide is focused on the end goal of monetization.

It’s natural that the how-to guides are more focused on getting a business running because let’s face it, if you can sell somebody a system that guarantees they’ll make money, people will want to buy that system. But the thing is, I don’t want this to become a business.

After getting caught up reading all sorts of guides of how to grow a blog, cultivate a following, and grow a business I had to take step back and remind myself that this is not a side hustle.

This blog is not about making money.

It’s about keeping a place where I can organize my thoughts, develop ideas, and document my projects.

The primary mission of this blog is not making money. It’s about personal growth and self-development. And I don’t mean this in the sense of trying to sell you on some kind of system or arguing with you as to why you should use a particular app to run your entire life.

This blog is my digital garden.

I started to type a sentence here to apologize about writing a post that isn’t something that you would necessarily want to read. Deconstructing that though, I was going to apologize for not developing a product. And that, right there, is the mindset I want to avoid.

So if you’re interested, come along for the ride! If not, I understand. This isn’t being crafted to be everybody’s cup of tea. I am sure that there are plenty of other blogs that you would be thoroughly interested in and I hope you find one you want to support.

If you ever want to chat, feel free to shoot me an email!